Peru – The Land of the Ancient Inca Trail

  July 22, 2017       

Peru takes travellers back through the centuries. It has become a top tourist destination, with historical significance, extraordinary scenery, and a warm people. As the land of the ancient Inca, Peru is the ultimate South American destination, including everything from the temples at Machu Picchu to the incredible Andes Mountains. The beautiful beaches of Lima offer spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. And in every part of the country, the influence of the Inca is obvious – right from the origins of the civilization, through the colonial period.


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Thinking About an Organized Tour to Europe

  July 11, 2017       

For those who are thinking about an organized tour to Europe, IBMT Tours can put it all together. From transportation, to accommodation, to land connections, the travel experts at IBMT are well versed with all of the major attractions throughout Europe. (more…)

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Top 10 tourist attractions in Peru | South America Tours

  July 1, 2017       

With some of the most famed destinations in the world, the tourist attractions in Peru combine history, culture and nature into one. Peru is the land of the ancient Inca and has become one of South America’s ultimate destinations. The sights are astounding and the local cuisine delectable. (more…)

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Central Europe Tour with the Best Historical Attractions

  June 22, 2017       

Something that tourists notice almost immediately about Europe is how close all of the countries are. To begin with, it means that traveling from country to country is both easy and quick – usually within a day and easily overnight. Probably the best thing about a central Europe tour is that it encompasses the best historical attractions overall. Tourists can really do a lot, see a lot, and experience a lot. (more…)

The Ultimate Peru Tour – Discovering the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu

  June 10, 2017       

Peru takes everyone back in time – there is immense historical importance, unbelievable natural scenery, and a culture that’s unique in the world. This is the land of the ancient Inca people, and today, it’s the ultimate South American tourist destination. From the Andes Mountains, to the Inca Trail, to Machu Picchu, this is truly an incredible country. (more…)

The Balkans Is A Hot Spot This Summer

  May 31, 2017       

The Balkans is one of the most fascinating and beautiful regions of southern Europe. The natural landscapes are remarkable, the urban neighbourhoods are alive with culture, and the history is unique – both recent and ancient. (more…)

Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands

  May 19, 2017       

The Galápagos Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean, 1,000 km from South American land. There are 19 islands in all, and the surrounding marine environment has often been referred to as a “living museum of evolution”. Quite the “melting pot” of marine life, the Galápagos are simply abounding with unusual animal species – all of which inspired Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution. For seasoned tourists, the Galápagos Islands are on the so-called “bucket-list”.


Enjoy Your Next Vacation On A France River Cruise

  May 11, 2017       

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Some say that France is the most romantic country in the world. And for those who already know, a France river cruise is the experience of a lifetime. From Normandy, to the Loire Valley, to the Bordeaux region, the beauty of France is best savored on a river cruise.

A river cruise through France incorporates everything in one package – from culture, to history, to cuisine, to viniculture. IBMT offers the very best in all-inclusive river cruising, with the finest dining, and all of the luxuries that a top-tier travel tour promises to deliver. (more…)

Colombia is a beautiful place to travel and a great place to avoid crowds

  April 30, 2017       

At the very northern tip of South America, that nation of Colombia has beautiful, diverse, and distinctive places to visit – from the historical colonial cities to the spectacular natural parks, to the fabulous beaches. And while every visitor may have different interests and different vacation priorities, there are a number of amazing places that will appeal to practically everyone. (more…)

The Top Tourist Sights In Italy – A Brief Look

  April 21, 2017       

Italy is truly a tourist’s paradise, with the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites found in the world. With the greatest cities of art and culture, Rome, Venice and Florence have been enticing visitors for hundreds and hundreds of years. But beyond the cultural treasures, Italy also boasts some of the most beautiful coastlines, mountains, and lakes. Needless to say, a list of top tourist sights in Italy could easily become a top 100 for any tourist.