Central Europe

Discover the classical Europe with one of our 10-13 day tours of the most magnificent cities in the world. Enjoy the rich culture, fine cuisine and historical monuments only Europe can offer. The streets of Prague, quiet charm of Budapest and palaces of Vienna will remind you that you are walking the streets kings and lords walked centuries ago.

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One of the many amazing things about Europe is how close together all the countries are. It’s unbelievably easy to travel from one country to the next within a day or night. This is especially true in Central Europe, where all of the countries and city hubs like Vienna, Prague, and Budapest are all so close. Each country, however, has their own history, and unique qualities that make them special. Each country and each city tell a different story. Each one of those countries have seen the both rise and fall of society, especially during the two world wars. Today, these countries are thriving, providing travelers and tourists some of the greatest historical and modern destinations to visit in Europe.

Vienna was once the epicentre for medieval worship, dating back thousands of years ago. This is one of the reasons for the gothic architecture of the famous hot spots in the city. Some of these areas in Vienna include the Hofburg Palace, St. Stephan’s Cathedral, Schonbrunn Palace and more. All of these sights helped created what Vienna is today.

Prague, much like Vienna, highlights the medieval period, showcasing gothic and baroque buildings around the city center. The city is best known for the Old Town Square, the 600-year-old astronomical clock, the synagogues and more. Budapest, once two different cities, Buda and Pest, converged together after in 1873. Again, like Prague and Vienna, the city represents the medieval period, showcasing gothic style cathedrals and synagogues throughout the city. Budapest has a strong Jewish history planted within the city, as it saw destruction of the Jewish society in World War Two, but also the rise and restructuring of the city after the war. There are some of the best kept synagogues in Budapest, helping encapsulate and showcase the Jewish heritage throughout the city.

IBMT knows how important it is to see these types of countries and cities throughout Central Europe. We offer a variety of tours for all of our clients to see the worldful history and modern day life of these historical cities and countries. IBMT offers Jewish heritage tours around the cities of Budapest, Vienna and Prague, as well as Warsaw and Krakow. These cities faced extreme turmoil during World War Two, as Jewish ancestors lives were taken, buildings and synagogues were torn down, and families were separated. It is important to see these cities for what they are today, giving us inspiration and hope for the lives of ourselves and our loved ones for the future.

Additionally, IBMT offers non-jewish heritage tours throughout the main hubs of Central Europe, giving you the opportunity to visit and witness the breathtaking architecture and cultural lifestyle of these historical cities and countries.

For more information on the tours we offer, check out the tour details below. If you’d like to speak to a travel representative, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us a note through our Contact Us page. We’ll handle all of the details for your trip so you can sit back and enjoy everything that Central Europe has to offer.