Explore the beautiful and unforgettable rugged landscape of Ireland with our IBMT 5, 8 or 12 day tours. Our highly experienced tour guides ensure that you will have an authentic Irish experience discovering what this traditional land has to offer! These once in a lifetime experiences guides you through a country full of culture and history. From viewing the breathtaking scenic views of the rural Ireland, enjoying the vibrant urban fabric of its cities and participating in medieval traditions from centuries past, you are guaranteed to feel the uniqueness of this country. This trip would not be complete without finishing each day with an ice-cold pint of Ireland’s own Guinness Beer.

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Cead Míle Fáilte, translated from Irish to English means a hundred thousand welcomes. This is a phrase that one will get familiar with the minute you step foot into this great country, as it is the self-described mantra of Ireland and is written on the walls of many of its pubs and public spaces. This warm and hospitable greeting lays creates a presence that will stick with you throughout your travels across the country.
Since the early 20th century, Ireland has been divided into Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland subject to 6 and 26 counties respectively. What some may not know is that English is actually the official second language of the country, however only a portion of 15% of the country’s population can properly speak Irish. Irish history and traditions have had a large cultural influence around the world specifically affecting mainstream art, music and literature.
With IBMT, absorb Ireland’s rich history and architecture by touring various monumental landmarks not only learning about how these famous destinations came to be, but also indulging in the ancient legends and fables that follow them. Make sure to plant a big one on the stones of the Blarney Castle where it is said that kissing the walls will give you eternal articulate abilities. Further your authentic Irish vacation by learning about the various iconic stories indigenous to Ireland including the infamous Titanic. Visit where the world’s most notorious ship was built right in the heart of Belfast City.
The mystique and charm of Ireland can also be seen through its magical and breathtaking landscapes. IBMT will guide you through these beautiful geological landscapes viewing the cliffs, mountains, bogs and lakes and the country has to offer. The natural backdrop of this country creates an aura of fantasy and romance, which IBMT ensures to highlight in all 5, 8 and 12-day tours that are offered.
Ireland’s exceptional natural countryside is intertwined with its vivacious and lively urban cities. Famously known for their pubs, enjoy nights full of songs that will keep you on your feet dancing like no one’s watching. Engage in customary Gaelic games and social customs that are integral to Ireland’s everyday life!
IBMT Ireland Tours is proud to offer an experience to discover a country where old and new merge to produce a truly special, rare and memorable vacation.
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