Ecuador & Galapagos Islands

Are you looking for an inspirational adventure full of wonder and beauty? You’ve come to the right place. IBMT’s Latin American tours of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands are sure to satisfy what you’ve been looking for. Satisfy all 5 of your senses with our assorted tours indulging in a place where culture is rich, the environment is breathtaking and preservation and conservation of the area is paramount. There is truly no other place like this.

Available Tours

If Ecuador & Galapagos Islands are not on your bucket-list, they will be now. Being one of the smallest countries in Latin America, Ecuador surprises you with a vast amount of biodiversity and natural heritage. It will keep you in awe and make you wonder how something so small could be so significantly beautiful, diverse and vital to our present-day wildlife and environment. The Galapagos Islands is a double World Heritage Site; protecting both its lands and the surrounding seas.

Picture yourself walking in the same footsteps of one of the most legendary scientist’s that changed the way we universally view the world. Yes, that’s right- Charles Darwin developed the theory of Evolution right here in the Galapagos Island. Learn about this monumental contribution to science with IBMT by visiting the distinguished Scientific Charles Darwin Station in Puerto Ayora.

IBMT will guide you in exploring both the natural and historic sites of one of the most original countries in the world. Our scenic walking tours comprise of various architectural viewpoints including Quito City’s 17th century cathedral and recognized La Compañia Church. Take a bite out of the country’s culture by eating through the mouthwatering tastes and flavors of traditional Ecuadorian cuisines.

It is so rare to find a country that not only has vibrant urban cities, colonial centers and commercial areas but also inhabits Andean Volcanoes? Make sure to have your cameras ready with this opportunity of a lifetime on our tours excursion to the “Avenue of the Volcanoes” in Banos City.

Whether you are flying in the air on a canopy zip line or feeling the wind through your hair on our
4-wheeler buggies and jeeps, our scheduled activities are riveting and endless. IBMT offers a venue to appreciate the biodiversity of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands in our planned activities including the option to raft in the beautiful waters in Quito or swimming alongside the wild sea lions in Tortuga Bay Beach. Visiting the large mountains and glaciers in Cajas National Park and biking around the Cerro Meda Ecological Reserve allows you to marvel and enjoy the flora and fauna of this stunning country.

Although the panoramic and picturesque views of the natural Ecuadorian landscape and the vibrant wildlife is what makes this place so well-known, the welcoming social fabric engraved in the country’s core creates such a large overarching presence, you will never want to leave!

To learn more about Ecuador and Galapagos Island tours and for more information on IBMT tours, email or call us through our Contact Us page. Your adventure awaits you!