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Our Israel tours range from 10-16 days and take you from the holy sites in Jerusalem, to the Southern deserts, to the Northern hills, to the urban streets of Tel Aviv. Must-see destinations like the Dead Sea and Masada will be checked off your list. Along the way, you’ll visit historical sights, culinary gems, and accommodations that are sure to impress.

Our Asia and Pacific tour to India and Nepal will treat you to some of the most colourful, flavourful, and memorable experiences of your life, while our Latin American tours to Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador & Galapagos Islands, and Peru show the unique characteristics of each country, the unbeatable historical and geographic tours, culinary expeditions and more.

Our European tours to the Balkans, Central Europe, Italy, Ireland and Russia immerse you in each country’s culture, with a strong combination of historical visits to some of the most important locations in history, to some of the top restaurants and world heritage sights in the world. You’ll visit coastlines and jaw-dropping views you will always remember.


Latin America

Our European Jewish heritage tours explore the rich history of Jewish populations in Europe, from the grand synagogues to the memories of destruction during the holocaust. A must-visit for history buffs and those wishing to gain a deeper understanding of the successes and challenges European Jewry faced throughout history.

Our Mediterranean tours to Turkey and Jordan transpose you into the Middle Eastern gems that are known for their spices, Wonders of the World, and epic tourist destinations. From the pelted stones of Petra to the hustle and bustle of Istanbul markets, our tours to Turkey and Jordan expose you to colours, cultures, flavours and views unlike any others.

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