Have one of the best vacations imaginable with IBMT Balkans Tours. You will travel to some of the most fascinating and beautiful countries southern Europe has to offer. With striking natural landscapes, vibrant neighbourhoods and a profound history in each country, IBMT tours have something for everyone. Enjoy your experience with us and let IBMT guide you to one of the most riveting and untypical regions of the world.

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Wander around some of Europe’s most sophisticated and effervescent capital cities with IBMT Tours. The Balkans is a unique and picturesque region where its beauty is not bound to the natural features of the countries that inhabit it but also relating to the rich culture that lies at its very core. Inland, urban landscapes of active towns and cities, dusty streets and immaculate architecture are met with natural backdrops that contain large canyons and valleys, Rocky Mountains and, calm and peaceful rivers and lakes. Places located in closer proximity contain a matchlessly lavish presence intertwined with cities with ancient design and history.

It is somewhat unexplainable how a region can so seamlessly balance and combine the beauty of both the natural and cultural elements of varied countries. IBMT’s educated and experienced travel representatives ensure to highlight this unified mixture as we guide you on our holistic tours of the Balkans region.

Start your vacation off by exploring the charming streets of Croatian cities, discovering the nuances of its past Roman rule, legendary monuments and historic attractions including St. Catherine’s Church, the Government Palace in the city of Zagreb or the declared UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site Diocletian’s Palace in Split. Enjoy pure bliss as you take in the magnificent views at Plitvace Lake National Park as IBMT takes you around its gorgeous topography and character.

Find yourself in a place surrounded by tranquility and romance when you arrive in the island of Hvar. Fields of rosemary and lavender and olive orchards creates an overarching aroma and experience unlike any other as you walk through the inlands of this delightful island. Watching the sunset as you relax and eat in a traditional “konoba” will give you a taste of the local venetian spirit and will leave you yearning for more. IBMT will continually satisfy this desire with our walking tour of Venice. Journey around this historic Italian city celebrating the rich art, food and culture that is apparent everywhere you look. Bid farewell to this romantic city by closing the day with a famous gondola ride.

IBMT enables you to cross borders viewing iconic landmarks, historic cities, and breathtaking while engaging in the rich culture in what can only be considered a jewel of southern Europe. The opportunity to see Balkans with IBMT is priceless.

From Bosnia to Italy, we have something for everyone to enjoy. For more information on IBMT Tours or to book a trip today visit our Contact Us page to speak to a travel representative.