If you are looking to visit a country bursting with art, music, literature, history and passionate people, Colombia is just the place for you. IBMT offers two incredible 5 and 11 day Colombian tours that allow you to travel a country that encompasses some of the most beautiful and diverse natural and urban landscapes in the world. Whether its lounging on the beach on a hot sunny day, eating your away around the Latin cuisine or learning about the rich and intense history of Colombia, you are experiencing a little piece of paradise.

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From the minute, you land into the vibrant lands of Colombia, it is very clear why this country has emerged into one of the top vacation destinations in the world. Colombia is a country where the people and sites are just as unique as the location, being the only South American country that borders both the Caribbean and Pacific, it contains a distinctive range of exquisite beaches, ancient archaeological sites, lively cities and the immaculate Amazon jungle that mirror the rarity of its location.

Begin your adventure in the trendy and vivacious capital city of Bogota, where you will admire the streets and buildings essential to Colombian life including the Presidential House ”Casa de Narino” and the legislative National Capital building Casa de los Comuneros. Continue your tour through the city, walking the streets and passing colourful street art, intricate architecture and active markets all the while visiting famous museums and iconic landmarks such as the Santuario del Señor de Monserrate where you will find the statue of Christ. This catholic shrine is located 3,152 metres above sea level providing panoramic and breathtaking views of the whole city.

Have you ever wanted to taste an internationally awarded cup of coffee? Take a sip and enjoy the deliciousness of high quality coffee with a view as IBMT takes you into the world of coffee making in the mountains of Hacienda San Alberto. Here, you will not only see the striking beauty of the plantations where the coffee beans are extracted, but you have a hands-on opportunity to learn about the process to produce this special cup of joy.

One cannot travel to Colombia without admiring the beauty and charm of the local timeless art and architecture. Take your picture beside famous Colombian artist’s sculptures in Bare Feet Park located in Medellin or take a stroll through the large Botanical Garden Joaquín Antonio Uribe, where you are guided through its lovely garden, lake and herbarium by our experienced IBMT tour guides.

Whether you are walking around the flamboyant streets of its modern neighborhoods, relaxing on its white sandy beaches, appreciating traditional and classic infrastructure or staring at iconic monuments and landscapes, the magic of Colombia is undeniable.

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