Thinking About an Organized Tour to Europe

For those who are thinking about an organized tour to Europe, IBMT Tours can put it all together. From transportation, to accommodation, to land connections, the travel experts at IBMT are well versed with all of the major attractions throughout Europe.

IBMT Tours has been assisting travelers for more than 30 years. For vacationers looking for an organized tour to Europe, the team at IBMT makes every effort to deliver the very finest vacation experience. These are vacation packages to remember forever.

Organized Tour Packages for Europe

With so many fabulous destinations to think about, IBMT can recommend a tour package that best suits the need. And with an organized tour to Europe, vacationers can choose from amazing destinations like Central Europe, Italy, Ireland, and the Balkans.

Central Europe

Everything in central Europe is very close together, and so it’s very easy to travel from country to country. Every city is remarkable in it’s own way – from Vienna, to Prague, to Budapest. And every country has it’s own unique history and culture. Today, Central Europe offers travelers some of the most amazing architecture and ancient landmarks in the world. As such, IBMT has designed a variety of pre-packaged tours to suit even the most discriminating of world travellers.

Italycapri italy organized tour europe

Throughout Italy, every major city tells a special story. From Rome, to Florence, to Venice, the history goes backs thousands of years, with architecture that is simply stunning. With delicious local food, and one-of-a-kind wine, Italy attracts tourists from all over the world. IBMT Tours offers specially packaged trips to the most popular cities, and some of the best “lesser-known” destinations. Whether it’s Tuscany or the Isle of Capri, Italy is truly an experience of a lifetime.


Ireland has become known as the land of  “a hundred thousand welcomes”. It’s a warm and hospitable country, welcoming tourists from every corner of the world. As might be expected, Ireland’s history and traditions play a big part in the cultural landscape. Travelling with IBMT Tours means experiencing the rich history, touring the monumental landmarks, and hearing about all those famous Irish legends and myths. Ireland is a beautiful, magical destination.

The Balkans

When choosing an organized tour to Europe, visiting the Balkan Region may well be one of the highlights. The landscapes are incredible, the culture is alive with history, and the region is one of the most picturesque in all of Europe. In Croatia, there are countless historical landmarks, and in Zagreb, the buildings and architecture are magnificent. With the experts at IBMT, travel is made easy, with quality accommodations, and organized touring to make it all worthwhile.

Travelling with IBMT Tours

The travel experts at IBMT Tours have earned a reputation in the travel business for unparalleled service. In Canada, the United States, and overseas, IBMT representatives are available by phone and email to make arrangements and answer all questions. When it comes time to plan a professionally organized tour to Europe, call IBMT at 1-877-977-4268, or visit the company website at .

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