Costa Rica

We offer tours ranging from 6 to 10 days, each with a different focus. In the tropical beaches tour you will experience some of the world’s most beautiful shores. If you are a nature loving adventurer, then the eco tico wilderness tour is the one for you. For a little taste of everything Costa Rica has to offer, go for the Pura Vida Coast to Coast tour! Whichever option you choose, you are guaranteed an exceptional, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Available Tours

Imagine a warm ocean breeze, sand in between your toes, and the feeling of complete relaxation on a pristine beach. Now picture riding a wave at some of the best surfing locations in the world. If all you can think of is how much you’d like to be there right now, then you know Costa Rica is for you! IBMT is currently offering a multitude of trips to Costa Rica ranging from 6 to 10 days.

Costa Rica is one of the most sought after travel and holiday destinations in the world. It has everything from breathtaking scenery, kind people, booming nightlife, amazing history and conservation of marine life. Costa Rica is one of the most well-protected areas in Latin America due to its extremely special and one of a kind coastal and marine life. On top of the magnificent marine life, there are the tall mountains and volcanoes that attract the more adventurous traveler. Climbing the mountains and volcanoes is an experience in itself, allowing you to see some of the best views of Costa Rica and the ocean surrounding it. The wildlife between the beach and the mountains are unforgettable. Some of the world’s most beautiful birds, mammals and amphibians are located between the Costa Rica beach and mountain line.

IBMT is ready to show you everything that Costa Rica has to offer. Some trips are designated to travel the beaches, others the mountains and others focusing on the wildlife. Or if you prefer a diverse itinerary, we can cover all of those interests in one trip! We bring all of our travelers to the most popular destinations in Costa Rica, and have access to some of Costa Rica’s best lesser-known destinations. For example, a day of zip lining in the jungle or swimming in a waterfall is just one of the activities that we offer to ensure you have the trip of a lifetime.

You can also visit the major cities around Costa Rica to see what the culture of the country has to offer. Traveling from San Jose to Guanacaste, to Monteverde and more, the country is full of welcoming people and unbeatable scenery. As you travel, you will also see the phenomenal agriculture that Costa Rica has to offer. You will witness some of the most breathtaking scenery in all of Latin America, and even the world.

IBMT offers the best experience to all of our travelers to Costa Rica. There is no shortage of activities and sights to see in the amazing country, and IBMT knows how to give you, your friends and your family the very best travel experience possible. For more information on the tours we offer, check out the tour details below. If you’d like to speak to a travel representative, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us a note through our Contact Us page. We’ll handle the details for your trip, and you can sit back, relax, and enjoy everything that Costa Rica has to offer.